Tuesday, 26 May 2009

1895-1900: Troubled Times

For the next six seasons, Newton Heath were often in contention in the Second Division, finishing in the top four on five occasions, but it was to be their local rivals, City, who would be the promoted to the top flight first.

During this time, the players turned out for home games in white jerseys - perhaps for economic reasons, as white shirts were much cheaper than coloured shirts, or because of an increasing superstition amongst football clubs and fans that green was an "unlucky" colour (hence the reason there are so few clubs playing in green kits today). It certainly hadn't brought the Heathens much luck over the years, but they probably retained the green and gold jerseys as part of a change kit until 1902.

The team pictured during the 1897/98 season:

Newton Heath 1897/98 team photograph

Newton Heath 1896-1902 Home kit

During the same season they are pictured in the striped shirts possibly of green and gold:

Newton Heath 1897/98 team photograph (2)

Off the pitch at this time, the club was struggling with it's finances, racking up large debts to it's creditors. By the turn of the century, it was in real trouble...

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