Wednesday, 5 August 2009

2009-10 Away Kit Revealed:

The away kit for next season has now been officially revealed. Much like the home kit, images of this had been leaked some time ago. It also uses the same template as the home kit but in black and blue colours:

Manchester United 2009-10 Change kit

Manchester United 2009-10 change shirt

Manchester United 2009-10 change shorts

Manchester United 2009-10 change socks

Patrice Evra in the new kit:

Patrice Evra in 2009-10 change kit

Again, the kit is rather perplexing. This time the accompanying blurb mentions how the design "reflects the kits worn in the 1909 FA Cup Final" rather than the kits worn upon United's move to Old Trafford 100 years ago.

It is rather puzzling then that the only one of the new designs Nike have put out that resembles that worn in 1909 is the white goalkeepers kit. It's true that Harry Moger wore the white shirt with red "V" in that match as it was not until the following season that 'keepers began to wear differently coloured shirts to their outfield teammates, but why this white design couldn't have replaced the previous season's unpopular white away kit is unknown.

Nevertheless, Nike have gone back to black with this strip, and that is usually a safe bet for a good seller on the replica market. The previous black away kit (from the 2007/08 season) was so popular that it sold out after only a few months and became quite difficult to get hold of. The red highlights really helped to lift the design that was otherwise in the exact same template as the 2007-09 home shirt. It was clear that these colours really worked well together, which again raises questions as to why Nike didn't simply repeat that formula for success with this new uniform.

Although there has been blue (in various shades) used in United's change kits all the way back to the adoption of the name in 1902, and it was not until 1993 that they wore black, in this case it seems that the more modern change colours of black and red would have worked better. It is simply a far more imposing and threatening combination than black and blue. I couldn't imagine that Christopher Lee would have looked half as frightening as Dracula with a cape with royal blue lining, can you?

Dracula (Christopher Lee) in blue?

In other recent kit news, Edwin van der Sar appeared in a yellow and black variant of this new kit in the Audi Cup final.

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  1. Gervillian Swike31 August 2009 at 04:10

    Good job you mentioned it was Christopher Lee in that second picture. I thought it was Berbatov wearing the new United track-suit.