Sunday, 18 October 2009

A New Resource for United Fans

As I have been working on this blog, I have also been collaborating with Paul Nagel on a website on United kits. It is designed as a more accessible resource for United fans and people with an interest in football and kit history.

It has been a long time in the works now, but we've finally launched it at

Credit for the text and build of the site is due to Paul, who I think has done a fantastic job. is much easier to navigate than this blog, with links to each individual season, with each page containing a brief review of the events of the season and images of all the kits worn in that season. Within each season page is a link to photographic evidence (where it exists) and notes about how we've interpreted that evidence (in the case of black and white photographs). In future months, as we add more kits we intend to also have information on shirt numbering and replica versions etc. is not designed to replace this blog, but to compliment it (and visa-versa) I will continue to post here as I have been doing and all the larger full-res images and photographs will continue to be linked to here. Enjoy.

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