Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blog Updated

Having finally finished (to the best of my knowledge) all the graphics for the known United kits up to the present time, I've gone over this blog, updated all the kit images, corrected any mistakes and added any new bits of knowledge I've aquired since this project began.

Much of this has been with the help of visitors and contributors to Thanks goes out to the following:

Alessandro Bacci, John Bailey, Anthony Barras, Joel Bobrucki, Charbel Boujaoude, Mike Brannan, Alan Brennan, Keith Ellis, Alex Howells, Paul Jolleys, Brian Landamore, Leslie Millman, David Moor, Marvin Nash, Tommy Nielsen, Athanasios Papathanasiou, Simon Shakeshaft, Pete Wyatt.

There are more but it's getting late. If I've missed off your name, I apologise but feel free to shout at me in the comments box.

All the main kits worn by United and Newton Heath are available to view on my Flickr account, here. Sorry about the excessive watermarking, but a lot of stuff is getting lifted and we are not getting the credit for it unfortunately.

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