Monday, 1 June 2009

United Landmarks - For Google Earth Users

While reading lots of books about the history of the club, I found myself both surprised and confused about some of the locations and events associated with Manchester United.

For example, I was surprised about the part the town of my birth had played in the troubled early days of the club, and that a building I had lived in for a couple of years had been the venue for a mysterious FA investigation into the affairs of a United manager.

Although many locations have been victims of the wartime bombings or of modernisation, there are still a few places left standing with which many Mancunians will be familiar but quite probably unaware of the significance of with regard to the footballing history of both Red and Blue sides of the city.

Also included are sites of United victory and tragedy across several continents:

Click here (mediafire) to download the file*Updated/Corrected 22/02/2012

Simply double click on the file once it has downloaded and Google Earth will launch it. For those without the program, it is free to download:

Click here to download Google Earth

Here's a taster screenshot:

Manchester United Landmarks for Google Earth - screenshot

Comments, corrections or suggestions for additions are most welcome!

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